About Us

What is IAPL?

IAPL is a federation of organizations of people’s lawyers, jurists, law students, paralegals and legal workers in various countries but especially in those where oppression is most severe, the violations of human rights are most widespread and the people’s struggle is most intense.

What does IAPL stand for?

  1. The overriding goals of IAPL are to contribute to the struggle for the total emancipation of the oppressed classes and the establishment of a just and humane world order based on respect for human rights.
  2. IAPL will expose imperialism as responsible for the oppression and exploitation of peoples and the cruel deprivation of their human rights.
  3. IAPL shall strive to restore the class and political content of basic concepts of law and human rights and propagate their true meaning.
  4. IAPL will promote a critical outlook on the concept of human rights to uncover the imperialist aims lurking behind international human rights conventions and declarations of rights and freedoms.
  5. IAPL will work to push the constricting limits of national legal systems and international legal fora to obtain immediate and concrete gains for the people’s struggles for national freedom,social justice, democracy and respect for human rights.
  6. IAPL will support the promotion of progressive consciousness amongst the general public and the steady development of progressive organizations of the oppressed classes and sectors.
  7. IAPL shall coordinate with existing organizations of progressive lawyers working for the same ends and shall assist in the formation of such organizations in nations and regions where they do not exist.
  8. IAPL shall undertake international fact-finding missions, conferences, mass actions, lobby work and other similar activities as well as create international tribunals in pursuit of its purposes and objectives.

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Who can join?

  1. IAPL is open for membership to all organizations, law firms or institutions of lawyers that support its objectives.
  2. Only lawyers' organizations, law firms or institutions of lawyers that are members of or recognized by their respective country chapters shall be considered members of the IAPL.
  3. In case of applicants belonging to countries with no existing country chapters, the Board of Directors shall decide their admission to membership.
  4. An application for membership by an organization, law firm or institution of lawyers shall state the name of the organization, the names of its officers and the size of its membership, accompanied by a copy of its statutes.
  5. The country chapters shall provide the Board of Directors with information regarding their activities every six (6) months.
  6. Any member may withdraw from IAPL upon written notice.
  7. Organizations and institutions of paralegals, law students and legal workers who support the objectives of the IAPL may be admitted as associate members but shall not have voting rights.


  1. The following, provided that they support its objectives, may be allowed observer status in the IAPL:
    • Individual lawyers who do not belong to any organization, law firm or institution of lawyers;
    • Individual lawyers who belong to any organization, law firm or institution of lawyers but who can not or do not represent such entities in the IAPL;
    • Organizations or institutions of non-lawyers other than those referred to in paragraph 7 of Article IV and who are primarily and directly involved in human rights work and advocacy.
  2. Observers shall have no voting rights but may participate in the proceedings of the General Assembly.
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