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Solidarity Statement for the 18th IADL Congress

To: Jeanne Mirer, International Association of Democratic Lawyers / Raf Jespers, Progress Lawyers Network, as local host organization

From: Julio Moreira, President, International Association of People’s Lawyers

Dear Jeanne, Raf and participants of 18th IADL Congress,

            On behalf of IAPL Board, we welcome the 18th IADL Congress as a great moment of developing and advancing in the role of people’s lawyers worldwide and against attacks and violations by the imperialism in all of its faces and strategies.

            Two months ago, we held the 5th IAPL Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the theme “The role of people’s lawyers facing the increase of people’s protest and State terror”, and we were pleased to receive a solidarity message from IADL. The congress was held in the middle of chilling repression against mass protest including in Brazil, and attacks against lawyers and human rights defenders. We realize that the world situation is getting worse for everyone who position in the field of struggling against oppression and exploitation, and it demands the advance of lawyers committed to people’s rights.

            Across the years, we have followed the work of IADL as brothers and sisters organizations, and this is a central concern of IAPL in the subject of coordinating with existing organizations of progressive lawyers working for the same ends. We have met in conferences, fact-finding missions, congresses, and have developed cooperation as national chapter organizations, which have been fundamental to advance in each context of struggles.

            The context of the deepest economic crisis reflects in suppression of fundamental rights of the peoples and the most serious attacks and violations in many forms like military attacks, political imprisonment, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, enforced displacements, surveillance, and ideological forms of oppression, played by imperialists and their agents in oppressed countries, many times formed by puppet governments masquerading as progressive.

            We realize that the 18th IADL Congress is a fundamental moment to advance in the organization of progressive and democratic lawyers to counter these strategies in the field of legal defense and assistance hand to hand with the struggles of the peoples for a new world.


            Although I was not able to get together with you in the congress, other members of IAPL are participating and we will be pleased to share your lectures, discussions and deliberations in a sense to keep up and strengthen our cooperation. We wish you a great congress and success in our common purposes.